coffee table philosophy

1. Life: a puzzle with no end pieces, the puzzle is the past, outside the puzzle is the future, each life adds another piece to the puzzle.

2. Knowledge: Learn every possible way to lose at chess, then you will win every game.

3. Music: Throw a large rock into a cauldron of swirling colors and see what happens when it splashes all over everyone.

4. Rhyme: If you do what you know and you know what to do, you will never do anything new.

5. Thyme: Half of all time exists in the past, half of all time exists in the future; one must spend equal time studying the past and the future.

6. Photons: I look into a mirror and see my reflection. I look through a window and see my reflection mixing with the world. I look into the light and I am blinded. I look into the darkness and I am blinded again. All that photons offer is the unknown.

7. Three Egos: Sometimes "I", like to leave the "I", out of everything that "I" say... sometimes.

8. Balance: My path should be straight and narrow, only then can I stray from it in the extreme.

9. Micro Thyme; Try to catch it... that moment... only memories...

10... there is no need to search for perfection, the universe is already perfect...

11. form> shape> shift> transition> transcend.

12. It is refreshing to look forward, into time, and away from it.

13. Superstition?...

14. Thought; The moment something is said, it enters the past. The moment something is read, it enters the past as well. The key to the future lies in thought.

15. Capitalism; I have no need for things that I have no need for.

16. Chance; When the odds are 50:50, ones choice will always give an equal result.

17. Knowledge part 2; There is nothing that I do not know, except what has not yet been revealed.

18. Research: If I dig deep enough, I will find clean dirt.

19. Notes: There are no bad notes, only good, better and best.

20. One only has to look in the mirror to see the universe.

21. Patience is not so much something that can be taught as much as it is something that must be found out.

22. All of the time in this universe has led up to this moment.

23. When it comes to music, the only thing that really matters is the music. Everything else is peripheral.

24. There are no such things as weeds. Only skewed perceptions. Besides, a healthy garden welcomes all of natures plants (and animals).

25. A little bit of science can sound pretty good- if you let it.

26. when you stop listening for something specific, you might begin hearing something.

27. If one must take, then take chances.

28. there is no such thing as a sunrise that does not bring new everything.

29. when finished sculpting, please remember to display the shards as well.

30. reaching further than ones grasp will take you to new heights.

31. fine arts + messy arts = balanced arts.
01 Hydrogen (H)

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe constituting roughly 75% of all baryonic mass.
As large circulating clouds of Hydrogen molecules are collapse under their own gravity, Hydrogen molecules are fused together to create Helium releasing tremendous amounts of energy...
A star is born!

Time and Space

02 Helium (He)

Helium is the most abundant element in the universe and is the result of hydrogen fusion in a newborn star.
Helium is named for the Greek god of the Sun, Helios
Inhaling Helium might make you laugh!


03 Triple Alpha Process

04 Carbon (C)

Carbon is used to make diamonds, pencils and people!
Sometimes referred to as 'the king of elements', Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe.

There are some disagreements between the popuarity of Buckytubes and Buckeyballs!

05 Intermission #1
06a Lithium (Li)
06b Beryllium (Be)
06c Boron (B)
07 Nitrogen (N)
08 Oxygen (O)
09 Fluorine (F)
10 Intermission #2
11 Neon (Ne)
12 Sodium (Na)
13 Magnesium (Mg)
14 Aluminum (Al)
15 Silicon (Si)
16 Phosphorus (P)
17 Intermission #3
18 Sulfur (S)
19 Chlorine (Cl)
20 Argon (Ar)
21 Potassium (K)
22 Calcium (Ca)
23 Scandium (Sc)
24 Intermission #4
25 Titanium (Ti)
26 Vanadium (V)
27 Chromium (Cr)
28 Manganese (Mn)
29 Iron (Fe)
30 intermission #5
31 Cobalt (Co)